Serving better Life to Mankind through empowerment


Rendering Services to Mankind through direct and Indirect technical and supportive inputs for social, environmental and educational needs of the community.

How can You help us ?


You may contribute to our cause by volunteering yourself for any of our programs, in your individual capacity. If you are specialized in a particular field which may be of immense help to us, please contact us. Your expertise in your field of specialization may come handy in execution of our projects. You may extend your helping hand by helping us in initiating, planning, organizing, coordinating, executing and guiding us in our projects.


As an organization, you may associate with us, for conducting programs of mutual interest. Due to the presence of our members in various parts of India, and across the globe, programs could be optimally planned and executed.  As we join hands, a symbiotic effect could be established.


As little drops of water make a mighty ocean, you may donate whatever you wish to, as small as One Rupee. You may target your donation towards a specific activity of the trust or to our spectrum of activities in general.

Donations to Hurricane Vets Charitable Trust, Chennai are exempted from income tax as approved from section 80 G (5) (vi) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.