Students Motivation Programme

Motivation is the most essential component in life that is required for greater achievements. Any initiation backed up by appropriate motivation would definitely yield better results. Motivation at appropriate time for the competitive examination aspirants would help them to begin their preparations at the right time with fullest energy. In this context, students empowerment series , a tailor made online motivational programme is initiated by Hurricane Vets Charitable Trust, Chennai.

The first online meeting of the series was conducted on July 20th,2021. Dr.K.P.Anand , Principal Accountant General, Kerala had kindly consented to be the speaker and motivated the students. A focused group of 50 students from Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University and Annamalai University had participated and interacted with the resource person. Guidelines to manage the syllabus, studying pattern , time management, shaping of skills , team work , managing failures and perseverance in preparation were the highlighted points during his speech.

We immensely thank Dr.K.P.Anand for sparing his valuable time for the empowerment of students preparing for competitive examinations. Our gratitude to Dr.G.Srinivasan, President, Hurricane Vets Charitable Trust for his welcome speech. We thank Dr.Puvarajan , Associate Professor, Department of Veterinary Microbiology , VCRI, Orathanadu for extending his support. The programme was co-ordinated by Dr.S.Vigil Anbiah, Sub Committee member, HVCT.

We acknowledge the approval and support of the Board of Trustees to undertake this students’ empowerment programme.

Our Mission Continues……..


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