Tree Sapling Distribution

Eventhough the importance of planting trees is taught at school level, its need is manifold in the present scenario in view of raising concerns to combat global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide by releasing oxygen back into the air.
Trees also check wind speeds and it is estimated that it can reduce the temperature in a city by up to 7°C. In addition to this , protection of our environment is taken care of by preventing flooding , soil erosion and retention of soil moisture thereby recharging underground water resources. Further, they preserve our biodiversity by providing shelter to so many birds and insects.
In line with this concept, a programme on Tree sapling distribution was organised on 18.10.2021 by the Students Association of Madras Veterinary College and Hurricane Vets Charitable Trust, Chennai commemorating 75th year of Indian Independence and the birth anniversary of Late.Shri.Abdhul Kalaam , former President of India. In order to provide logistic support , Tree Bank Charitable Trust , Chennai joined the team and offered various fruit bearing and shade bearing tree saplings.
Dr.R.Karunakaran, Dean, Madras Veterinary College inaugurated the tree sapling distribution programme and felicitated the occasion. Mr.G.Mullaivanam, Founder, Tree Bank Charitable Trust, who is acclaimed for planting nearly 1.5 crore saplings so far encouraged the students and pet owners by his motivating speech that reflected environmental protection. Mr.G.Mullaivanam was personally motivated by Late.Shri.Abdhul Kalaam for this noble mission.

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