Blanket distribution to tribals

Life of tribals in their own occupational settlements is quite challenging. They are forced to take many risks to upkeep their livelihood. Though there are many technological advances, the tribals are moulded indigenously based on their habitat. Tribal people deserve a quality life because they take care of our bio-diversity and are authorised to use forest resources as permitted by the forest department. In this line, Hurricane Vets Charitable Trust, Chennai had received a request from tribals who belong to Poringalkuthu Hydroelectric Project cum Dam , Vazhachal forest division, Athirapally Panchayat, Thrissur District , Kerala State. The tribals in that locality use the catchment area of the dam for fishing. Also, they go deep into the forest for their livelihood from forest resources. During this venture, the people used to stay 3 to 5 nights to complete their task. Hence, they were in need of blankets to withstand severe chillness of the forest climate. We have verified this by our need assessment protocol with the support of forest officials.

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